Corporate Strategy & Advising

FSRI’s Corporate Strategy & Advisory Services offer a practical examination of your organization with respect to the food system. We do this by taking a whole systems view of your company, its current capabilities, and your company’s goals for integrating food systems and sustainability into short and long-term objectives.

Planning for food makes sense for businesses. Interest in (and awareness of) food is on the rise; culinary television programs, the development of localized food systems, and renewed interest in healthy eating are indicators that consumers care about the food system. For companies and institutions, this means showing that they care too. This can involve showcasing local food procurement as part of a company’s corporate social responsibility strategy, re-engineering promotional materials to reflect your company’s commitment to sustainable food systems, or performing food system audits to assess, understand, and map your company’s food footprint. In addition, we frequently employ qualitative and quantitative methodologies with geospatial analysis to produce powerful decision support aids.

No matter what your objective is, FSRI has the expertise to help your company plan, develop, and implement sustainable and profitable food system solutions.