Specializing in food system consulting & research.


    Combining the innovation and insights of a think tank with the urgency and efficiency of the private sector.


    Committed to the cultivation of sustainable and just food systems.


    Respect for traditional farming systems.


    Prioritizing client’s needs using a whole-systems approach.


    Striving to develop local, place-based solutions informed by global awareness.

  • SHIP

    Providing unbiased food system consulting services to businesses, governments, and institutions of all sizes.

  • Cheese Vendor at London's Borough Market

    Engaged in field to plate planning.


    Delivering the highest quality food system expertise and insight to help clients achieve enduring change.


    Committed to improving the environment, increasing social well-being, and maintaining economic stability.


    Respect for traditional knowledge.

  • SILO

    Offering a practical, whole-systems examination of your organization with respect to the food system.

  • Butcher Shop at London's Borough Market

    Working with clients to meet changes in consumer demand.


    Working to help all people gain access to healthy and culturally appropriate food.

  • spices

    Looking to the future while learning from the past.

  • Draft Horse Powered Harvest

    Envisioning multiple pathways to achieving a sustainable food future.

  • MILL

    Providing the expertise to plan, develop, and implement sustainable and profitable food system solutions.




FSRI’s Consulting services provide you with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions and successfully achieve your goals for profit, growth, and sustainability. See recent client testimonials.

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We offer planning, implementation, and analysis services that are tailored to your research problem. From start to finish, FSRI can assist you in your analysis, writing, and publishing goals.

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Work Highlights

Food Systems Planning

Food Systems Planning FSRI assists municipalities with efforts to increase local food production by finding those interstitial spaces located within developed landscapes that are suitable for agricultural production.

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Mapping & Geoanalytics

Geoanalytics & Mapping At the Food Systems Research Institute we analyze and map data to guide clients in both private and public sectors to make better, more informed decisions .

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Visualization & Marketing

Visualization & Marketing FSRI helps companies showcase their products and organizational commitments in order to increase sales.

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