Daniel L. Erickson, Ph.D.

Founder and Managing Partner
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Daniel L. Erickson Ph.D., is a founder and managing partner of FSRI. He is an expert geospatial analyst with over 20 years of experience. He is forever evolving as a transdisciplinary researcher and consultant, tackling problems from a whole systems perspective. Dr. Erickson has experience working with senior management at Fortune 100 companies, non-profits and government agencies.

Over the past few years, Dr. Erickson has focused his efforts on sustainable food production to feed an exponentially growing human population. As such, he has been conducting food systems research, looking at the entire field to plate chain from a spatial perspective. In particular, he has been using GIS and related technologies to analyze the multifunctionality of human dominated landscapes. The results of these analyses are meant to guide the design, planning and retrofitting of our existing landscapes The goal of these efforts is to increase landscape functionality in order to provide multiple benefits to society and the natural systems that sustain life. Dr. Erickson has also developed methodologies using GIS and remotely sensed imagery to identify the “lost” interstitial spaces within our developed landscapes that can be reclaimed for food production and other uses.

Selected Publications

Erickson, D.L., Lovell, S.T., Méndez, V.E. (2013) Identifying, quantifying and classifying agricultural opportunities for land use planning. Landscape and Urban Planning 118; 29-39.

Erickson, D.L., Lovell, S.T., Méndez, V.E. (2011) Landowner willingness to embed production agriculture and other land use options in residential areas of Chittenden County, VT. Landscape and Urban Planning 103 (2); 174-184.

Lovell, S. T., Méndez, V. E., Erickson, D.L., Nathan, C. and DeSantis, S. (2010) Extent, pattern, and multifunctionality of treed habitats on farms in Vermont, USA. Agroforestry Systems 80(2); 153-171.

Lovell, S.T., DeSantis, S., Nathan, C.A., Olson, M.B., Méndez, V.E., Kominami, H.C., Erickson, D.L., Morris, K.S. and Morris, W.B. (2010) Integrating agroecology and landscape multifunctionality in Vermont: An evolving framework to evaluate the design of agroecosystems. Agricultural Systems 103(5); 327-341.


Degree Institution Concentration
Ph.D. University of Vermont Ecological Landscape Design and Agroecology
M.S. Texas A & M University Rangeland Ecology and Management
B.S. Cornell University Natural Resources